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This is an opportunity for you to share your favourite home remedies and contribute to our work exploring their potential use for everyone's benefit. We plan to build a worldwide knowledge base on the personal use of remedies that all can read, use and comment on. Your story could be a favourite home remedy or something you have been studying. We will review all submissions  - we ask you to provide an email address so we can send back the uploaded version for your approval. However we promise that your email address will not be published, that we will not use it for promotional purposes, nor in any other way. Each story we include will be anonymous.

We will be also be uploading your stories onto the 'Roots' pages where traditional plant remedies can be searched for by region.

Please fill in the form below as far as you can - you do not have to fill in every field. However the more you can the more useful it will be for everyone



Usual name (name you give to this plant or other remedy)

If a plant or other natural remedy, any other names? (please include the Latin botanical name if you know it - please don't worry if you don't)

Home uses (ways that you know this remedy has been used for treatment or prevention of illness. Before each use, please insert the name of the country in which you are reporting the use and also whether the remedy is taken internally or outwardly applied)


Application? (choose one below)

Use? (in your own words)

Dosage? (in your own words)

How is this remedy prepared for use? (For example: with hot water as a tea; cooked in water; steeped in oil; mixed with honey; ground into a paste, etc.)

Choose the one symptom from the following lists that best fit the uses above (this allows us to link your story with other data in the

EXTRACT database):


If there are any other symptoms on the list above that you would like to add please type them here. (You can also add any symptom that you don't find on

the list.)



Do you know of any scientific research that is relevant about this remedy? (do not worry if you do not know this but if you do it may be that you have access to a paper we have missed so please list journal articles or books wherever possible - if this is a family remedy just write exactly that.)

If a plant do you know of any chemical constituents? (again do not worry if you have no such information - however, if you do please list journal articles or books wherever possible)


The following personal information is not published on the site and not given to any third parties We will only use this to if we need to check any of your information and to send you a final version of your submission. We only include first names on the published story (unless requested otherwise). See here.

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