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Healthcare professionals: welcome to this site!

Most patients who choose to take herbal remedies do not tell their healthcare practitioner. Maybe they think they will not find that conversation helpful! Yet given the potential pharmacological impact of plants on the body it would be best if confidence was restored and patients and practitioners could openly discuss their choices.

There is a lot here for you.

1) Quick desktop guides to the definition, efficacy and safety of plant remedies that you can share with your patients, or they with you!

2) Access to the complete EXTRACT database of literature on which efficacy ratings are based, a) by personal or institutional subscription, b) as a student, or c) by 24-hour free 'review passes' for specific patient events.

3) Educational materials leading towards Continuing Educational credits in a number of collaborating academic institutions. Registered students have free access to the EXTRACT database and will need to resort to the literature there to complete course assignments and develop personal protocols.

Why do we need this?



For health professionals Plant-Medicine will provide the most informed answers yet to such questions as:

  • My patient wishes to take hawthorn remedies with his beta-blocker prescription. Is this wise? Are there other approaches he could take?

  • Are phytoestrogens substitutes or inhibitors of oestrogen in the body and are there any hormones in wild yam?

  • What really is the potential for Echinacea?

  • Chinese wormwood is the new treatment for malaria and European wormwood has been used for a wide range of problems. Surely there are some further applications we could explore in these plants?

  • Is it safe for a patient to use celandine to manage a gallbladder problem?

  • What saw palmetto products are most likely to be effective for benign prostatic hypertrophy?

  • I have heard that burdock is used for skin disease but there is no modern evidence for this. Is this reputation worth exploring?

  • Blue or black cohosh is still used by midwives and women to help with labour. What is the difference in the two? Is their use ever justified?


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