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The OurMedicine Directory

(This page is currently building - please come back!)

Many herbal products are of poor quality. It is very hard for users buying their herbs on the open market to be sure that they are obtaining remedies that are fit for the purpose.

As part of our service to the public Plant Medicine will compile sources of reliable herbal products. There are three types of source

1) Home grown herbal remedies. In due course we will provide advice on growing herbs yourself. We are also identifying networks of small growers from whom you can source your herbs and herbal products directly. These are specifically small-scale operations, much more likely to be doing the work out of personal commitment, someone you can meet face-to-face, who can point to the plant in the ground and show that it is what it is.

2) Expert dispensing of individualised herbal prescriptions or formulations by herbal practitioners. See here

3) Manufactured herbal products with independent verification of quality. We will be publishing a list, the OurMedicine directory, of products manufactured to pharmaceutical GMP, (where independent inspection assures the quality of the product) or where quality has otherwise been independently certified by a rigorous and transparent external voluntary scheme (examples are certification provided by the United States Pharmacopeia and by Consumer Lab). In each case the basis of and quality requirements will be declared. Wherever possible we will also indicate where the products concerned may be obtained.

This is our clear commitment. We will not list any product where there is no independently certified evidence of quality.

Health professionals and the public will be reassured that they can find real herbal products on this site. Responsible manufacturers who often complain that their products are indistinguishable from cheaper unregulated products in most outlets and websites can at last have their high quality standards recognised and applauded.


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