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The EXTRACT evidence base will form the basis of  new educational courses for the professional healthcare community. 


Web-based teaching materials will provide healthcare professionals with the most relevant information for clinical practice. Professionals will have the opportunity to acquire Continuing Education Credits or Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters Degree qualifications at collaborating universities or medical schools. It is expected that the modules will accompany classroom teaching at the collaborating institution.


A program of teaching materials is being compiled in which students will  be required to search the EXTRACT database to complete their course assignments. Rather than select from multiple choice answers to a question, students will be encouraged to construct individual clinical protocols from the evidence base. Such an approach will ensure that students have the maximum opportunity to explore the evidence base and that the material is clinically relevant and oriented to actual day-to-day problems.

In parallel therefore with the development of the EXTRACT database, outline problem-oriented course material has been drafted. The objectives will be to develop foundation educational packages as a basis for web-based CME and other continuing educational programs, provided to the North American, the Australasian, and to the British and European market in the first place; course titles so far include as potential core modules.

A free pilot course on plant-drug interactions is ready. Other courses will follow, including the topics below

  • introduction to the use of herbal remedies (also as a stand alone taster course) 

  • introduction to the evidence base 

  • a review of safety issues

  • a review of quality issues

  • principles of herbal therapeutics 

  • the use of herbs by children 

  • plant consumption and the liver and kidney 

  • long term management of cardiovascular disease and diabetes

  • impact of plant materials on the digestive tract

  • plants in the treatment of inflammation and pain

Assignments will involve students searching the evidence base and building their own protocols.  The EXTRACT database is designed to provide useful materials and links in each subject and there will be additional well-referenced reading materials. 

The course materials will be developed and offered by academic institutions in the partnership, generally linked to their own classroom teaching. Appropriate postgraduate or continuing education credits will be sought.

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