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Traditionally horsechestnut has been used to treat conditions such as nerve pain, rheumatism, varicosed veins, and venous congestion. In Germany proprietary extracts have been the third best-selling category of phyto-medicines. Clinical trials support the efficacy of the extracts in treating chronic venous insufficiency, local fluid retention and bruising.

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Go on! - tell your doctor

We know that most people who choose to use complementary or alternative remedies do not tell their doctors. There is a clear demonstration of this in a USA telephone study of 1,559 people aged 50 or older conducted in 2006 by AARP and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health. In this study 7 out of every 10 of those who use CAM do not talk to their doctors about it.

There are many other studies that support these conclusions. It means that doctors often do not know whether you may be taking something that could interact with their prescriptions. It means that neither of you can be open about your health care. It is a potentially important breakdown in communications.

Respondents most often did not discuss their CAM use with doctors because the physicians never asked (42%); they did not know that they should (30%); or there was not enough time during the office visit (19%). For doctors it means that enquiries about the use of herbal and other treatments should be a normal part of the consultation. These enquiries should be sympathetic and preferably well-informed!  Asking the older patient group is particularly important as they tend to take more medicines, with more risk of interactions. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said they take one or more prescription medications; in addition, nearly 6 out of 10 respondents said they take one or more over-the-counter medications. 1 in 5 actually took more than 5 medications.

You should have no hesitation in telling your doctor about your use of remedies discussed on the Plant-Medicine pages! Each plant file is ready to print off to take with you and hand it in to your doctor. It is fully based on the scientific evidence and will satisfy medical standards for the rigour and transparency of the evidence provided.

Why donít you also recommend your doctor to check out the web site as well? There are pages designed especially for physicians and other health professionals, a comprehensive database of the scientific literature and continuing educational programmes. In addition we only recommend products that are made to the strictest medicinal standards. There is up-to-the-minute information on safety and interaction issues that are geared to helping make real-life clinical decisions. Practising physicians will also have limited free access to the database to answer immediate clinical questions about their patients.

Your doctor will thank you for pointing out this resource!








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