People still use plants more than any other source of medicines.

These pages make sense of the science and the stories.

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If you want to know what herbal remedies can really do, or not do for you - you must check this out. This is the work of experts and it's FREE!



Note: this site is being re-developed for new guide to self care - check out the Herbal Hub for more information. It is for demonstration purposes only. If it does not yet cover what you need please come back again or email us

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Many plant remedies are sold as dietary or food supplements. However medicine standards are the best way to assure useful dosage and verified quality .In particular if you live in the UK and Europe you should check out the new Traditional Herbal Registrations (THRs) - a range of quality assured herbal medicines suitable for self care that fit well with doctors' prescriptions. Here is how to make sense of this. Check also:

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